WYZARD 1983-1985 San Antonio based METAL band, (Michael Valenzuela-Guitar) (John Alvarado- Bass Guitar) (Rene Cox- Drums) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal, lyrics, melodies) (recorded at Boss Studios SA, TX) (July 1984 “Future Knights” was released by Pazuzu Records) (Mark Anthony Garcia-Guitar was added as the fifth member right before the last song “Breaking the Spell” was recorded.)

In December of 1984 “Knights of Metal” was released with a different cover but the same record, by Pazuzu Records.

The version of “Breaking the Spell” is the only five member recording in the bands history, this bonus track is the original ¼ inch analog reel sent to Joe Anthony the godfather at 99.5 KISS radio.


This original version has never been released, this version was digitally re-mastered at Keith Harter studios, San Antonio, Texas in 2008

Track Listing

  1. Crystal City

  2. Future Nights

  3. Knights Of Metal

  4. Renegade



Michael Valenzuela - Guitar

Mark Anthony Garcia - Guitar

John Alvarado - Bass Guitar

Rene Cox - Drums

Buster Grant - Lead Vocal, Lyrics, Melodies


BLIND DATE 1988-1992 Austin based band.


(JB Slimp-Guitar, Backing vocals) (Mark Ellis-Guitar, Backing vocals, Keyboard) (Darren Keeling- Bass Guitar, Backing vocals) (Chris Didear- Drums, Backing vocals) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance, Lyrics & Melodies)


Original three songs:

We keep falling in love

She's Walking

When I'm alone

Were recorded in 1988 at Wink Tyler's ARS Studio.

Produced by John Vieweg in Austin TX


Never release songs were recorded at JBS production Studio Austin TX

Track Listing

  1. I Don't Wait Up

  2. Can You Feel It

  3. She''s Walking

  4. Daddy's Little Girl

  5. Broken Promises

  6. Everybody's Baby

  7. We Keep Falling In Love

  8. Dreaming

  9. Without Your Love

  10. When I'm Alone



JB Slimp - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mark Ellis - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboard

Darren Keeling - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Didear - Drums, Backing Vocals

Buster Grant-Lead Vocal Performance, Lyrics & Melodies


SNAKEDANCE 1993-1994 San Antonio based band


(Chris Boss-Guitar, Backing vocals) (Phil Galicia-Bass Guitar, Backing vocals) (Rob Edwards-Drums) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance)


(Recording unit: 16 track analog at Blue Cat Studios)

Track Listing

  1. Promised Land

  2. Save My Soul

  3. Take A Ride



Chris Boss - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Phil Galicia - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rob Edwards - Drums

Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance)


VOA 1994 Austin based band


(JB Slimp-Guitar) (Luie Beltran-Guitar) (Darren Keeling-Bass Guitar, Backing vocals) (Chris Didear-Drums, Lyrics & Melodies, Backing vocals) (Buster Grant -Lead Vocal performance)


Recording unit: 2-D88’s in Live Sync

Track Listing

  1. Adrenaline Junky

  2. Freaky

  3. Pay Back



JB Slimp - Guitar

Luie Beltran - Guitar

Darren Keeling - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Didear - Drums, Lyrics & Melodies, Backing Vocals

Buster Grant - Lead Vocal Performance)


SandPoet 1995 Austin based band


(JB Slimp-Guitar) (Darren Keeling-Bass Guitar, Backing vocals) (Chris Didear-Drums, percussion, Lyrics & Melodies, Backing vocals) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance)


Recording unit: 8 track cassette 488MK2


The song “Blocks” - has a special guest on Percussion- The late “Audie”Montez, god bless bro!

Track Listing

  1. Blocks

  2. Eve's Garden

  3. Faceless

  4. Where the Light Can Share the Soul

  5. Chains

  6. Empty Pond Soulful Pride

  7. Surfing Couches



JB Slimp - Guitar

Darren Keeling - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chris Didear - Drums, Percussion, Lyrics & Melodies, Backing Vocals

 Buster Grant Lead Vocal Performance


BRIDGEWATER 1996 Austin based band

(Darren Keeling-Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Musical arrangements, Mixing & Editing) (Chris Didear-Drums, percussion, Lyrics & Melodies, Backing vocals) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance)

(Recording unit: 8 track cassette 488MK2)

Track Listing

  1. ​Monsters

  2. Summer

  3. You Lied



Darren Keeling - Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Musical arrangements, Mixing & Editing

Chris Didear - Drums, percussion, Lyrics & Melodies, Backing vocals

Buster Grant - Lead Vocal performance


ZADICA 2003 San Antonio based band


(Craig Blane Babineaux-Guitar, Engineering, Acoustic) (Albert Arguelles-Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic) (Rene “Bugsy” Gonzales-Bass Guitar, Acoustic) (Kyle Cunningham-Drums) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance, Keyboard, Backup vocal arrangements)


(Recording unit: Korg D1600) (Engineered by Blane Babineaux) (Composed by Buster Grant at BGM studio SA, TX) (Mixed/Mastered at Keith Harter studios SA, TX)

Track Listing

  1. Deny

  2. Desert Wind

  3. Drool

  4. Dungeons

  5. Fade Into Decay

  6. Hollow

  7. Nevermore

  8. World Beyond



Craig Blane - Guitar, Engineering, Acoustic

Albert Arguelles - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic

Rene “Bugsy” Gonzales - Bass Guitar, Acoustic

Kyle Cunningham - Drums

Buster Grant - Lead Vocal Performance, Keyboard, Backup Vocal Arrangements


AGE OF REASON is a San Antonio, Texas based band


(Michael Angelo Valenzuela -Guitars) (Joseph Valdez-Guitar) (Albert Arguelles-Bass Guitar, Backing vocals) (Greg Clifford -Drums) (Buster Grant-Lead Vocal performance, Lyrics & Melodies)


The band started performing in March of 2012.

Track Listing

  1. Gasoline

  2. On Your Own

  3. Finally Free

  4. Dragon Lady

  5. Power House


 Michael Angelo Valenzuela -Guitars

Albert Arguelles - Bass Guitar

Greg Clifford - Drums

Buster Grant-Lead Vocal Performance, Lyrics & Melodies) 


Formed in 2017 from San Antonio Texas.


The Voice Inside

Hollow Points

Dark Daze



1. Hollow Points B. Menking J.Rimer G.Guzman

2. Voice Inside G. Guzman J.Rimer

3. Dark Days B.menking G.Guzman J.Rimer

4. Black Rain G. Guzman R.Ferebee P.Hamm J.Rimer

5. Relentless G.Guzman J.Rimer R.Ferebee

6. 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi cover performed by: G.Guzman R.Ferebee J. Rimer


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