Introducing Rob Ferebee

After four decades in the Music Business I have entered into my newest Project Livin Dark Daze, with San Antonio legend Buster Grant.

After returning to Texas due to family issues I had to leave my lifelong friends Matt Clark and Scott Freak after 25 plus years with Freakhouse we had an amazing run and it will never end for me.

But after my return hooking up with Buster Grant with whom I have been friends with since the late 80s having shared the stage on many occasions.

We have had a mutual respect for each others career and both still have much to give to the world musically.

After hearing one track of his I knew this was where I cared to put my experience and talents to use. The result is some of the best writing and song crafting I have ever been a part of.

With Grammy nominated producer Justin Rimer producing and performing on this EP we are poised to let loose on the worldwide music scene in strong fashion.

You will be hearing about LLD very soon

Rob Ferebee Bio

Singer, Songwriter, Bassist


  • Freakhouse

  • More Zombie than Zombie

  • Livin Dark Daze

List of placements

  • Big Bang Theory (CBS)

  • Animal Kingdom (TNT)

  • Challengers (MTV)

  • Dell Computers

  • UFC multiple episodes and features

  • Blood Out (Lionsgate)

  • Galerions: Rions (Anime film Japan)

  • Mobile Skate Park (Fox Sports Network)


  • Perris Records

  • Qed Entertainment

  • Reality Entertainment

  • 7 Hard US

The New EP From



1. Hollow Points
2. Voice Inside
3. Dark Days
4. Black Rain
5. Relentless
6. Someone You Loved